Elctronic board for shape memory alloy actuators

The evalBOARD is a shield for the Arduino system and is compatible with the Arduino UNO and DUE. It is used to control and regulate up to two ONE / ONEeasy shape memory actuators and can operate them simultaneously. Furthermore, two analog sensors or digital end position sensors can be connected to the evalBOARD. With this system, it is possible to keep the SMA actuators ONE / ONEeasy energy-efficiently and stably activated in the end position over long periods of time, as well as to control exact positioning with supplementary sensors.



  • Compatible with Arduino UNO / DUE
  • Two input buttons
  • One standby LED, plus four additional LEDs for programming system states of the SMA actuators
  • Two screw terminals (double-pole) for FG-ONE / ONEeasy actuators
  • Sensor terminal block for two analog (or also digital) sensors
  • Manual with tutorials for control and programming examples

The evalBOARD is available as solderable kit and as soldered and tested unit.

Optionally the evalBOARD is available as evalBOARD-KIT with constant laboratory current source, end switches and Hall sensor for position detection (e.g. for schools and universities).