The actuator "FG-ONE"

The FG-ONE is a plug & play actuator based on shape memory alloys. It can ideally be used for unlocking and positioning tasks. In doing so, it can achieve a nominal stroke of up to 4.5 mm with forces of up to 15 N. Its robust design is equipped with overload protection so that it automatically detects a system overload. The FG-ONE can also be used as a linear or proportional actuator. Its electrical resistance signal or an external sensor can be used for position control.


The FG-ONE operates according to the proven principle of an “arc” actuator, where the FG wire is loaded centrally.

Working principle of the actuator

Key data of the SMA actuator: “FG-ONE”


  • Stroke max. 4.5mm
  • Available with and without preload
  • Max. Force ranges: 4N to 15N (Newton)
  • Max. Duty cycle: 90min without adjusted control | more than 240 h with external control unit
  • Over > 500,000 cycles / movements (see table)
  • Temperature range: -20°C to + 70°C [Can be extended if required]

Advantages of our SMA actuators:

What advantages does an SMA actuator offer:

  • noise-free operation
  • electromagnetic harmlessness (no magnetic fields, no permanent magnet)
  • very low weight and flat design
  • built-in overload protection
  • built-in overheating protection
  • high weather resistance (very wide operating range and high corrosion resistance)
  • emergency overload capability
  • few meachanic parts